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Sometimes an egg just gets stuck up on a wall. It isn't really the egg's fault that it is up there. Maybe it belongs up there? Who knows?

Maybe you can talk some sense into Humpty? I don't know, man. It's up to you. I don't want any part of this. You gotta make these decisions yourself.


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The egg is cute, he looks like his name is George, i loved trying to push him AWAY from suicide. That was fantastic, you save his life by just saying kind words to him. He even has a nice voice.

I am a good person and did not kill humpty.... or did I..... OR DIDN'T I!?!?

So this game was kinda weird. I don't know whether is was made as a satire comedy but it was definitely weird. I did feel bad for bullying but this game does a great job of getting the message across that if you bully someone so much that they may turn to suicide as their only escape. Your game is first in the video. 

I feel kinda bad for bullying Humpty...

A fun short game really cute and creepy at the same time good stuff

This game made me feel weird but was really interesting! Definitely unique! 

I don't have much to say, I didn't let him commit death. First game I played. 

You got me to really feel for an ugly ass egg. I think your goal was accomplished.

This was such a strange game. I liked it, but it gave mes bad vibes. Great work

I guess when you really think about it, humpty dumpty's story is really creepy both in the game and outside of the game. Interesting to say the least.

A very odd 'game', I guess :l

Ha! Genuine reactions. And you found  a bug with the text still clickable on game-over screens.

Love the voice acting!  Seriously, whoever recorded/edited all of that audio did a great job!

*Turns to Troy. wink wink* HEY YOU *stares* HEY.  *walks over to Troy* I'm talking about your work.  *starts jogging towards Troy as he enters flee-mode* GET OVER HERE! I WANT TO SHOWER WITH YOU... ERR... SHOWER YOU! *full run* ...WITH COMPLIMENTS!!! *loads Beaver tranquilizer ammunition*

I also freaking love the FACE.  Ohhh man, that face.   I imagine if I were to eat this egg, it would give me the hellish farts only previously possible in nightmares. Brilliant Job! *kissy face to Adam*

Oh ho ho! Sir, the compliments do not just go to me and Adam. No no no no noooooo!

The voice clips/dialog was recorded in my closet with my head surrounded by shirts while I spoke into my phone desperately. I could almost feel anxiety and depression of Humpty. Twas a dark time.

Nonetheless!!! Your sick chiptune beats and depressing tunes helped set the mood for the game. We'll have to make a WebGL build of this and put the newer audio you sent over into the game. For the full effect, ya know?

Glad we all had a chance to jam and get this Deb-inspired dialog sequence into game form.  *tips hat in your direction* Good day, sir!

I though its a horror game by the way nice game :)

You're not *technically* wrong.  It has a horror game vibe going on.

OKay :)

Short and sweet, its funny and simple to do. I did enjoy this

That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.