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You take on the role of a Mobster Lobster. Things have been tough lately in the city of Shellcago. A few tough guys have been messing with your turf. You ain't havin' it! You gotta clean up the streets. Tommy gun your way through the streets and take out Eel Capone, The Kingfin, and The Codfather. If anyone gets in your way, they be sleepin' wif da fishies!

For more info about how the game was made check out the tigsource forum devlog:


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Love the theme, and the characters, the music, the models. Combat feels weird with the hitboxes, and not too interesting with just shooting. I had fun though.

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Thanks for the feedback! Taking it all into consideration. I am posting a new version which will focus on using your mouse to aim and your keyboard to move.

I played through a lot recently to refresh my mind on how it all plays out. Hitboxes are a tad bit wonky in places, I agree. I appreciate your honesty and that you took the time to play it!