Day 1 - PAX South

Kids love our game!

Hacking and slashing robots to bits seems like an obvious choice for kids to do without real consequences. Although, there are a few kids that move a little too much and almost hit people or their environment. It's been an interesting play-test session. We always remind them that they have to be mindful of their surroundings and pay attention to the chaperone system so they don't hurt themselves or others.

Our team is pretty good at dodging players' wild arm swings. Never thought that would be a skill to brag about.

Overall, we had a wonderful time getting feedback from many people (not just kids). Even with a few bugs here and there, people enjoyed Tale of Swords a LOT. We even had someone walk up and buy it without trying it. And a few folks that don't even have VR headsets yet, but they wanted to get in on our special $10 PAX exclusive deal that we have going on!

Looking forward to posting more fun images and talking about the rest of our experiences.

We're incredibly blown away and thankful for the support!


The Battlerock Team

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