Day 2 - PAX South

Day 2 of PAX was filled with all sorts of cool things! So many people tried out Tale of Swords!

It was great getting feedback and hearing that people really enjoyed the game. We got our methods of cleaning the headset and controllers down almost on point by the end of the day. Bringing wipes to clean the equipment was brilliant!

We had a lot of kids play our game, but one of the coolest things we saw was this guy doing a defensive stance fighting style and actually using some martial arts. Exactly what we hoped people would do!

Most people swung their arms wildly and nearly hit people or objects in their surroundings. We incorporated a few more safety precautions also. Never hurts being overly safe!!

Overall, it was a busy day! Our bug list is huge now! Almost ready for the next sprint of game dev!


The Battlerock Team

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